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Lichen House

Glen Ellen, California

The Lichen House nestles within the fog and oaks in the hills above California's Sonoma Valley. The free-ranging branches of the site's mature live and coastal oak trees support veils of draping Ramalina Lichen that filter sunlight , capture moisture and nutrients for their hosts, and remove pollutants from the air through photosynthesis. A hypersensitive organism, lichen retreats or dies in adverse or contaminated environments but quickly expands its net with conditions advantageous for growth. It is a bellwether for the environmental health of this unique microclimate.

By: Schwartz and Architecture

Project Statistics
Architecture:S^A | Schwartz and Architecture
Photography:Richard Barnes
Structural Engineering:iAssociates inc.
Construction:Eames Construction
Year of Completion:2017
Project Area:3486 square feet
2018:The Chicago Athenaeum - American Architecture
December, 2017:Arch Daily
January, 2018:Surface
December, 2017:Contemporist
April, 2018:World Architects
February, 2018:Dezeen
November, 2017:Wallpaper*