Soft Story Seismic Retrofit San Francisco

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Soft Story - Why Fix It?

Soft-Story Ordinances

Bay Area cites (starting with Alameda, Berkeley and Fremont) are adopting new regulations regarding soft-story buildings. Oakland, Hayward, and San Francisco are likely to follow. If you have received a notice that your soft-story building requires a seismic assessment report or a seismic retrofit contact a structural engineer to provide you with all of the documentation that you need to comply with the notice.

San Francisco Bay Area Structural Engineer

Protect the Health and Safety of Your Building's Occupants

Soft-story buildings have performed poorly in recent earthquakes, resulting in serious injury and death. Building owners could face a large potential liability if they have been notified and haven’t completed the retrofit.

Prevent Damage and Save Money

A seismic retrofit of a soft-story building prior to the next earthquake could reduce or even prevent damage that would require costly repairs. Following a major earthquake, there could be major delays in making reparations to damaged soft-story buildings.

Protect Your Cash Flow

Five years after the Loma Prieta earthquake only about half of the damaged multi-family soft-story buildings had been repaired. Seismic retrofitting of soft-story buildings early means you could minimize the loss of rental income after an earthquake.

Titles and Refinancing

Selling or refinancing a soft-story building that is on a soft-story inventory could be more difficult than selling or refinancing a soft-story building that has been retrofitted and removed from the inventory. You may also be subject to fines based on holding on to a soft-story building without retrofitting either complete or in progress.

Soft-Story Hazard Mitigation and Sustainability

Reuse of an existing building is a primary credo of sustainability. Most soft-story buildings destroyed in the Loma Prieta and the Northridge Earthquakes went into landfills. Repairing and/or replacing soft-story buildings damaged in earthquakes is a tremendous burden on the Earth’s resources. Retrofitting an existing soft-story building to prevent its being destroyed in earthquakes is one of the most sustainable activities a building owner can undertake.