Soft Story Seismic Retrofit San Francisco

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Why iAssociates


iAssociates has successfully completed a wide range of retrofits throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our project portfolio includes many soft-story building retrofits.

Cost Control

Our experience has helped us to know what types of designs and systems are affordable and easy to build and which are not. Additionally, iAssociates works with contractors on integrating cost planning into the design phase of projects. Quantities can be shown within the Schematic Phase documents and from that point forward any changes in quantities can be accounted for.(See Partnering for Success).

Minimal Disruption

iAssociates understands the importance of maintaining rental income from a property investment. We can work quickly and effectively to meet project schedules and timeframes. Our responsiveness to contractor questions and needs can also keep a project on schedule.


iAssociates, over the past years, has strived to create a working relationship with all of the architects we have worked with. iAssociates values these working relationships and recognizes that they are built upon a history of design collaboration and not separation of design disciplines.


iAssociates actively pursues increased sustainability in our design work. We take pride in our involvement in projects with sustainability as a design derivative. Retrofitting soft-story buildings is one of the most sustainable activities a building owner can participate in. iAssociates would be very interested in being a part of these worthwhile sustainable projects.